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Trailer: Captain Jack Sparrow… again | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Trailer: Captain Jack Sparrow… again

He’s back. The first movie of this seeming infinitilogy was good ole fun, great cast and lots of cannon fire, but by the time the third, and what I thought was, final film eased into port, i was pretty damn sick of pirates. And now we have more, of what looks like, the exact same. I must say Ian McShane is a top notch choice for Blackbeard, nevertheless, this looks pretty much a waste of time and talent. It’s a shame i liked Jack Sparrow, if they were rolling out part 2 right now instead of 4, i might be able to gather some enthusiasm.

tags: johnny depp, pirates of the caribbean

  • Mike M

    I am looking forward to this movie.I mean pirates,zombie,mermaids.What more could you want from a movie.

  • http://www.adicalgonquin.com/ Rudolph Laspari

    I remember leaving the theatre after the first movie and thinking how much fun it was. That the characters made you like them and it was what you would expect out of a movie based on a Disney ride. Jack Sparrow rocks!

    The second one kept to the path of Shanghi Knights and the third one made me root for the East India Trading company.

    Now I’m a guy who loves Zombies as much as the next guy, so much so that I have a detective constantly looking for the girl from “best of craigslist” personals who was planning for the zombie invasion. If only that day would come.

    This one smells like a Lucas and Spielberg floater, in the spirit of milking a dead cow and backing up the dump truck of money, save your ten bucks and flush this one before in really starts to stink.

  • http://seankealey.net Noah Nickels

    I don;t know about that shanghai knights comment, but i’m with you rudolfo.

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