Trailer: How Do You Know

Coming Soon has the a trailer for the new James L. Brooks romantic dramedy. It looks like he is dipping heavily into the As Good As It Gets trough for this one — the very first scene of the trailer looks like it was stripped straight from it. The lighting is the same, the high-rise apartments have the exact same feel, there are plenty of scenes in elevators. And he even brought back Jack Nicholson. James L Brooks is a genius and I do like As Good As It Gets but this trailer is lackluster at best. The choice of music is way off, the pacing is too slow and the laughs are middling. I have a feeling How Do You Know is a better film than it appears here. I’d go back to the drawing board for the next trailer, or maybe the movie is a turd.

tags: how do you know, james l brooks, owen wilson, paul rudd

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