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Trailer: The Descendants | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Trailer: The Descendants

Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways, About Schmidt) makes movies about imperfect people. I guess that’s why I love them, because most of us are not as perfect as we think and his characters while unruly, narcissistic and wobbly-brained, feel like people you can or have met IRL. So when he makes something new, i am nothing short of thrilled. His latest stars George Clooney. Payne has abandoned the midwest for the sunny skies of Hawaii. Looks like we will be dealing with themes of grief, regret, forgiveness… the usual fare for a solid drama. But Im not quite sold yet. Not sure if Clooney, whom i love, can do this part justice. We’ll see, its impossible to tell if he can bring the depth and necessary sadness to this role from just a trailer. Hit the jump to view.

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