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Trailer: The Fighter

I was amped for this movie a couple years back when Aronofsky was attached to direct, when that fell through and David O. Russell stepped on board I was less than excited. I’m a fan of Three Kings but i heart huckabees was a bit of a turd despite the stellar cast. Micky Ward is a legend in Boston — they have a lot to live up to. Despite seeming to be a total ass, you cannot deny Christian Bale has some of the best acting shops working today. He looks to be in The Machinist form — emaciated and gaunt. The world is a sucker for boxing movies, so The Fighter won’t have a tough time racking in boatloads of cash, but I hope it ends up being more than the feel good film it appears to be in the trailer.

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  • http://andrewstamm.com Spaceman Spiff

    About the only thing I see in this trailer that sets it apart from the gazillion other boxing movies out there is the inclusion of Amy Adams. Hmm…

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