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Trailers: Green Lantern and Your Highness | Movie Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Trailers: Green Lantern and Your Highness

Green Lantern, of the Green Superhero moves coming up, Lantern and Hornet, this one looks the best so far. Although I’m not 100% sold on the CGI suit, it looks a little too green, a little too CGI. We’ll see how it looks within the context of the movie. I do like the feel of the trailer and Ryan Reynolds is a likable actor, so the movie could work.

Also, check out the trailer for David Gordon Green’s (Undertow, All the Real Girls, Pineapple Express) Your Highness after the jump. And get ready for some awesomeness. This red-band trailer is NSFW, and beaucoup hilarious. Wasn’t sure how this movie would play out, but my worries seem unfounded, this is going to be amazing.

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  • http://nerdynothings.com Rebel Rikki

    Hm. Mixed feelings on GL. I agree with you about the look of the suit. Also, I’m not digging Blake Lively at all, and I’m concerned that this movie’s character arc for Hal seems to be “he learns to be fearless.” In the comics, didn’t Hal start out a fearless idiot and have to learn when it was appropriate to be afraid?

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