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WTF: The trailer for Battleship

I reserved judgement on the ludicrously high-concept Battleship movie until now because I like Peter Berg. He has made some good films. But to base a movie on the abysmally simple and completely boring board game of the same name seemed, to me, pointless and reaching even by Hollywood standards. Well, this trailer proves that Hollywood has derailed — big time. It’s so bad that it makes me actually angry. Angry that films like this piece of junk are getting made while Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ sit in development hell. For chrissakes the aliens are actually shooting the pegs from the board game at the battleship? Seriously? Hit the jump to watch this atrocity.

Spaceman Spiff has some more ideas for Hollywood, that might actually turn out better than this disaster:
Connect Four directed by David Fincher or Tim Burton presents “Chutes & Ladders”

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  • Marc

    And yet it’s better than Transformers.

  • http://nerdynothings.com Noah Nickels

    I don’t know man, I’d watch the third act of the Transformers: DOTM  any day of the week over this joke.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly. The end of Dark of the Moon is actually a legit excellent action movie (too bad all the weak plot in the first two acts). This looks like nonsense squared. 

  • Email

    you guys are sophisticated and smart – you must drink Starbucks Frappachinos™

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