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Amanda Palmer’s Ukulele visits with Radiohead

Honestly, when Amanda Palmer first began strumming out the chords to Radiohead’s Creep on her ukulele a couple years ago, I was entertained but thought it was a transient fixation of hers. It wasn’t. She banged on that little thing incessantly, youtube is now filled with videos of Amanda, usually before or after a scheduled show, a small crowd gathered around, and a ukulele in tow, its squeaky plucks barely audible below her resonant voice.

Recently unshackled from her record contract, her newly found freedom has manifested itself as the tongue-tiring Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele. Released digitally today, the collection will only cost you 84 cents (more if you’re feeling generous).

1. Fake Plastic Trees
2. High And Dry
3. No Surprises
4. Idioteque
5. Creep
6. Exit Music (For A Film)
7. Creep (Live in Prague)

You can buy it here. I’ve only listened once through, but I’m quite impressed. Idioteque is one of my favorite Radiohead tunes, Amanda gives it the required respect while still bringing enough originality to keep it engaging. You’d be well off paying 5 bucks for this version of the song alone.

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