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New Sufjan Album?


Pitchfork has heard from Bryce Dessner of The National, who says Suffy-J is holed up in a studio right this very second working hard on a new album that will “blow people’s minds.”

I’m going to temper my enthusiasm, but after long resigning a new Sufjan album to the same likelihood as a Cub’s world series, I am getting a little goosed about this news.

Dessner says, “We’ve played on some of the tracks and been listening to some of the stuff as he’s been working on it.” He added, “It’s going to be incredible. It’s going to probably blow people’s minds.”

Dessner also says that the new work won’t sound like the music Stevens has released in the past, and he offers the unsurprising tidbit that Sufjan is “very solitary in what he does”.

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