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  • Johnny Foreigner

    More Heart, Less Tongue


  • Foster the People

    Helena Beat


  • gofaster>>

    Good Times


  • Matt Pond PA

    Lovers Always Win


  • Die Antwoord

    Rich Bitch


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My Best of 2012 Playlist
by Eric Garneau

After being inspired by some friends, for the past few years I’ve been really into documenting my musical exploration with year-end mixes. I realize this is not a particularly novel thing to do, but hey, who has original ideas any more? Anyway, this has gotten even easier to do thanks to new technology like Spotify.  read more

All 22 James Bond Themes RANKED and RATED
by Eric Garneau

Analyzing James Bond theme music is kind of like a study in the law of diminishing returns. It’s so fascinating, in this film franchise with now 50 years of history, to see the way each film’s producers decide to present their music. It wouldn’t exactly be fair to say Bond themes have “evolved” since 1962,  read more

The Best of ‘Chimes of Freedom’: A Spotify Playlist
by Eric Garneau

A few weeks ago Amnesty International released the massive 4-disc tribute album Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International. This record, which contains new or new-ish recordings of Dylan classics by artists as diverse as Adele, Ke$ha, Johnny Cash and My Chemical Romance, certainly does not skimp on talent.  read more

Top 5 Songs of 2011
by Nerdy Nothings

2011. Aren’t we supposed to be colonizing space and flying around in hover cars? But instead we’re still down here on lowly Earth making top 5 lists. I know, I know, less chin-wag more tunes: here are each of the staff’s top 5 tunes of the year. Let us know what we missed in the  read more

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Featured Reviews

Grant Lyle: So There
by Eric Garneau

Toronto singer-guitarist Grant Lyle is probably tired of people comparing him to Eric Clapton, but truly that’s the easiest way to give listeners an idea of what to expect on So There, Lyle’s latest full release. Of course, that comparison only does Lyle partial justice. Disregarding Slowhand for a second, Lyle’s a highly skilled singer  read more

A Primitive Evolution: The Prize
by Eric Garneau

At first, a strong late-’90s alternative vibe emanates from The Prize, the second full-length effort from Toronto trio A Primitive Evolution. Indeed, singer Brett Carruthers could easily join a Soundgarden cover band to pay some bills if the need ever arises. But to say this record belongs wholly to that bygone era would be inaccurate.  read more

Virgins Family Band: Honeylion
by Eric Garneau

Imagine a world where the Fleet Foxes spent their formative years training in jazz instead of soaking up classic records of the ’60s. What resulted would probably sound pretty close to Honeylion, an 8-song EP from Chapel Hill, NC sextet Virgins Family Band. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too flip or dismissive of the talents of  read more

Marla Mase: Speak (Deluxe Edition)
by Eric Garneau

Two words come to mind when listening to the deluxe edition of Speak, the latest from New York singer-songwriter Marla Mase: variety and confidence. Throughout this record these two traits complement each other, and Mase has them in spades. They work together to produce one of the most eclectic and exciting albums this reviewer has yet  read more

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