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Nightly Nothings: Arnold is Back, New NIN & Cyclops dead? | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Arnold is Back, New NIN & Cyclops dead?

Movie Nothings

Arnold is considering up to 15 different movies for his comeback, including remakes of Predator, Running Man & an unspecified comic adaptation.

Noah Baumbach’s ‘While We’re Young’ Loses James Franco & Cate Blanchett; Ben Stiller Still In.

Anthony Hopkins in talks to play Bond villain.

Guillermo Del Toro might direct ‘Pacific Rim’ before ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’.

Alec Baldwin is the newest addition to Rock of Ages, Adam Shankman’s film musical, also starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough and Mary J. Blige.

Shane Black will be writing Iron Man 3 as well as directing. Says it will be Tom Clancy style thriller… ok…

Noomi Rapace talks Prometheus.

Scorsese’s The Irishman still happening, according to Deniro.

Lord of the Rings extended Blu-Rays on the way.

Tomb Raider reboot on the way

Comic Nothings

Nick Spencer, current writer of Iron Man 2.0 and soon-to-be writer of Secret Avengers, is the latest creator to sign an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics.

Does teaser from Marvel predict demise of Cyclops?

Video tribute to Dwayne McDuffie.

Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld unite for The Infinite.

Music Nothings

Soundgarden’s new album will feature ‘updated old material’.

Check out Beck’s unreleased Scott Pilgrim jams.

Trent Reznor is a busy man, says he will be working on new NIN material.

TV Nothings

Tina Fey explains why some SNL skits are ‘shit nuggets’ and others are gold.

Video of the Day

That’s some guitar playing.

We need more music nerds like this.

When people say the suburbs are lame, that’s because they haven’t seen this

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