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Nightly Nothings: Captain America vs. Popper’s Penguins | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Captain America vs. Popper’s Penguins


Movie Nothings

This is what Captain America will look like. Those wings are just painted on. weak-sauce.

Download The Social Network screenplay, legally, from Deadline Hollywood.

Kathryn Bigelo hunts for Osama.

Seth Rogen’s sausage party.

If anyone is going to do an animated documentary about Noam Chomsky, it might as well be Michael Gondry.

Popper’s penguins photos.
Say that ten times fast.

Edgar Wright gets back to work on Ant-Man.

Roger Ebert lists his favorite documentaries of 2010. Log onto netflix and fill up that queue.

New X-files movie! Duchovney says so, so it must be so.

Comic Nothings

A nice rundown of Frank Miller books they haven’t made into films yet… or said another way, movies to expect in the next 5-10 years.

Your daily dose of funny, newest Comic Critics Strip.

Nice little preview of New Avengers #9.

“After a three-year stint at DC Comics working on titles including Justice League of America, Batman and the weekly series Trinity, Mark Bagley is back at Marvel.”

Music Nothings

Stereogum’s most overlooked LPs of 2010.

Arcade Fire, Lady GaGa and Eminem to perform live on the Grammys. 1 for 3 aint too bad…

Get out your wallets Neko Case is auctioning off her bad-ass automobile from the cover of Middle Cyclone

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  • http://twitter.com/MadeByEmyJJ Emily Jorgensen

    I want that Neko car soooo bad. One of my favorite album covers. Do you think they accept appendages in lieu of cold, hard cash? I can totally drive without my left arm…

  • http://twitter.com/astamm78 Andrew Stamm

    I think it’d have looked even weaker if the wings weren’t painted onu2026 let’s be honest, the wings on the original costume design are pretty damn ridiculous

  • http://nerdynothings.com Noah Nickels

    I suppose you’re right, but they’re so small, like an afterthought. somehow they could have made them more prominent without being cheesy, no?

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