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Nightly Nothings: Dark Shadows, Party Down & Ryan Adams | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Dark Shadows, Party Down & Ryan Adams

Movie Nothings

40 behind the scenes photos from Star Wars. Really, really cool.

Some trailers you should check out: Tom Tykwer’s 3, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Goon, Killing Bono.

David Gordon Green Says He Re-Envisioned ‘Suspiria’ Remake After Natalie Portman Did ‘Black Swan’.

Johnny Depp looks Trés Weird in this Dark Shadows sneak peak.

First Glimpse at new Daily Planet.

Ricky Gervais live blogging the Golden Globes with a bunch of other comedians is the best idea in the history of ideas about live blogging the golden globes.

Party Down movie start date?

Don’t do this. Please, don’t do thiS!

Music Nothings

Unreleased Neutral Milk Hotel demo.

Newest Mastodon single here. This is more like what i wanted to hear from this album.

The second single off the new Blink-182 album is pretty BA, the drums are outstanding.

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke to release new solo EP

Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club Members to Do “Smells Like Teen Spirit” 144 Times!!

Another new Awesome Ryan Adams song is a pain in the ass to find, but it’s worth it.


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