Nightly Nothings: Dark Tower release date, Hobbit news & 2.99 for Marvel too

Movie Nothings

More added to the Hobbit, Saoirse Ronan now confirmed. But first we get to see her in this.

Jackass 3.5 on its way, here’s the trailer.

Here’s a trailer for Mike Mills’ Beginners.

Dark Tower release date, spring 2013 for now.

Comic Nothings

Marvel say’s 2.99 is fine with us.

Reminisce the life of the comic’s code.

Preview of The Fantastic Four’s final issue.

11 comic book deaths that didn’t take.

Mark Millar is going to focus on his own stuff after finishing Death of Spider-Man arc.

Music Nothings

Liam Gallagher’s new band, Beady Eye, let the fighting commence.

Butch Vig talks new Foo Fighters.

Have a listen to 1,400 hundred songs from SXSW bands.

TV Nothings

Coach McGuirk/Archer/Bob aka, H. Jon Benjamin doing road trip van comedy show on Comedy Central this spring.


Buy an oil painting of Seth Meyer for a cool $5,500.

Running a Disney ride is probably more of a nightmare than this clip lets on.

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