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Nightly Nothings: Die Hard 5, GaGa & The Big LEGOwski | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Die Hard 5, GaGa & The Big LEGOwski

Movie Nothings

Some very rich kids are going to bail out Paul Thomas Anderson’s next films. Who cares how it gets done, lets just get it done!

Captain America 2 finds a couple of writers.

First image of the cast of the Hobbit, no not in character.

Die Hard 5 has a director, yeah it’s really happening.

Is Guy Ritchie remaking Cannonball Run? I sure hope not, he’s just getting his legs back under him.

Comic Nothings

How Diamond Plans to Offer Digital Comics Over-the-Counter

Aaron’s Post-Hell “Wolverine” Plans

Mark Millar talks a bit about Nemesis.

The Walking Dead gets itself some toys.

Music Nothings

Behold the worst album cover you’ve seen in decades!

Have a listen to Lady GaGa’s new jam. You can’t help but compare her to Madonna, the way she carries herself, the way she doesn’t seem to give a shit about what you think, are all qualities Madonna once seemed to have. Whether GaGa is paying homage here or ripping her off is for you to decide, right now i’m leaning towards the former.

GnR reuniting for the SuperBowl? I have my doubts.

Arcade Fire live unplugged at KROQ.

Videos of the day

Nom Nom Nom…. hungry sharks can’t catch me.

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