Nightly Nothings: Fear Itself, Young Justice & Arrested Development movie

Movie Nothings

I can say without hyperbole that these are without a doubt the worst movie posters I have ever seen. My eyes have revolted. Seriously, did they teach a drunk possum to use photoshop?

Bateman meets with Hurowitz on Arrested Development movie, says the story is ‘incredible’.

This is a real shame, I used to like Julianne Moore.

Bill Hader Drops More Casting On ‘The Hand Job’ Starring Aubrey Plaza.

This interview with Guillermo Del Toro will make you very much want to see the movie he won’t be making.

Sly won’t direct or write Expendables 2, but he’ll star in it.

Comic Nothings

Script Extract From One Page Of Fear Itself By Matt Fraction.

Taymor leaving Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Preview: YOUNG JUSTICE S1E9: “Bereft”

Music Nothings

Download the new Okkervil River single here.

Foo Fighters talk about the Rope video that premieres tomorrow on MTV.

Video of the Day

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  • Kyle G.

    “Sly won’t star in or write Expendables 2, but he’ll star in it.”

    Did you mean to say he will and won’t be in the movie?

  • Noah Nickels

    no, sorry about that. He won’t direct or write this one. I edited, thanks for catching that!

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