Nightly Nothings: J. Edgar release date & Grant Morrisson talks Millar

Movie Nothings

Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar” will release in October.

Kevin Pollak’s Two and a Half Hour Long Interview With Damon Lindelof.

Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Goes VOD On Labor Day Weekend Via Lionsgate.

Did someone say Oscar… Well it is Spielberg. but yeah this could be really awesome. War Horse.

Comic Nothings

Grant Morrison On The Mark Millar Question

Music Nothings

A couple new Wilco songs here. And there new album will drop in September.

Mastodon’s new album will be called “The Hunter”

Cover Art for Beirut’s new album, “The Riptide”

Video of the Day

Peter Serafinowicz should control the world’s advertising:

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