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Nightly Nothings: Kevin Smith bonkers, Wizard mag dies | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Kevin Smith bonkers, Wizard mag dies

Movie Nothings

Here are some more really crappy Spider-Man images, that the studio definitely doesn’t want you to see.

Tron 3 trailer in the works for DVD and Blu-ray.

Submarine sounds pretty good, but I suspect this quote is mostly hyperbole: “The quirk of ‘Juno,’ the whimsy of Gondry, the light-heartedness of Wes Anderson, the melancholy of ’500 Days of Summer” Take that for what’s it worth and it’s remember it can’t be THAT good.

Ed Helms interview, he talks Cedar Rapids, Carrel-less office.

Avatar 2 & 3 to shoot back to back and find the theater in 2014 and 2015.

Kevin Smith is going absolutely bonkers.

Simon West wants Con Air 2 and so do I.

This article is about Elijah Wood and his hobbitness inhabiting The Hobbit.

Tim and Eric are making a movie, that will surely be twice as disgusting as anything the Jackass guys could come up with.

James Franco will do anything
, threatening to become the next nick cage, Three’s Company??

Best 50 comic book movies? You decide.

Comic Nothings

Comic Book and Internet Meme mash-up covers.

Fantastic Four #587
to hit the streets one day early.

Print version of Wizard Magazine dead, digital only from now on.

The inevitable and hopefully bad-ass The Walking Dead video game is on the way… maybe.

Comic Critics 146.

Music Nothings

The Boss to guest on new Dropkick Murphys, weird and awesome all rolled into one big twinkie of blue collar musical angst.

New Sonic Youth… hell yes.

One of the greatest albums you probably have never heard is being reissued and i couldn’t be happier.

New Arcade Fire
… probably… eventually.

New Kanye West this summer, says he is in the studio now.

Pete Doherty stays out of jail just long enough to make movie in Paris.


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