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Nightly Nothings: Kryptonian Villainess, Vanishing Point #6 & Lollapalooza | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: Kryptonian Villainess, Vanishing Point #6 & Lollapalooza

Movie Nothings

Lindsay Lohan rumored for a role in the new Superman, there is NO WAY this is true, no way, and if it is, pretty much guarantees what we already know, this movie will be a steaming dog turd.

Scherbatsky has done it, confirmed for role in Avengers movie.

Shawn Levy is set to direct Fantastic Voyage for James Cameron. I loved this movie as a kid. The potential is huge for this one, but Levy hasn’t done a whole lot to inspire confidence… Date Night, he took two of the most popular and funny actors and managed to churn out a dismal, laughless mess.

Mystery ‘Superman’ Female Role Revealed to Be Kryptonian Villainess.

I am one of the people they are talking about who, without having seen any trailers, thought Cowboys & aliens was supposed to be a comedy or an animated film. I am not alone and according to Jon Favreau the superbowl spot was an effort to set the record straight, this is an action pic.

Kevin Smith wants everyone who has ever worked for him, ever, ever, ever to be in his “last” film.

Julia Roberts is an will play an Evil Queen in the upcoming Snow White.

Comic Nothings

Dan Jurgens on Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6

VIDEO: “Marvel VS. Capcom 3″ Final Boss Revealed

SPOILER WARNING: This article discusses major plot points in “Age of X: Alpha,” in stores now

Onslaught Returns, is Unleashed. The notorious villain finds his way back from the Negative Zone.

McFARLANE’s Upcoming SPAWN & Advice for Artists/Writers.

First look at Darren Aronofsky’s Graphic Novel.

Zach Snyder tell you who his favorite Superman artist is.

Music Nothings

Lollapalooza 2011, headliners will include eminem, Muse & Foo Fighters.

Flaming Lips are getting ready to tour, and release Vinyl Boxset.

Arcade Fire talks a bit about the Spike Jonze short film.

Primus announce first UK gigs in 14 years.

Download the New Strokes single manana!

Mastodon live album… soon, but not soon enough.

Video of the Day

Wake-boarding in a cranberry bog. Why not.

New Cat Power tune.

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  • http://twitter.com/astamm78 Andrew Stamm

    With Lohan getting charged with Grand Theft Larceny I don’t think we have to worry too much…

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