Nightly Nothings: Oblivion, The Descendants & Grant Morrison Talks Covers

Movie Nothings

Bleeding Cool talks about X-Men: First Class

Your movie theater could be dimming the picture on purpose.

Tom Cruise signs on for Oblivion

Poster for Alexander Payne’s ‘The Descendants’ hits the streets

First look at Jack Black in Linklater’s latest

Michael Shannon stars in ‘Take Shelter’ — trailer here.

Comic Nothings


Ten Goofiest Moments in the First Ten Issues of Batman

Grant Morrison talks about Batman covers, 13, 14, 15 & 16.

Music Nothings

Explosions in the Sky touring this fall.

Arcade Fire and David Byrne collaborate again.

TV Nothings

You can see why Wonder Woman wasn’t picked up. and that’s not a reference to her looking like a insane hooker.

Can;t wait for this! Another trailer for Curb Season 8.

Ethan Hawke is not optimistic about his show’s chance of being picked up.

Video of the Day

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