Nightly Nothings: Star Trek II, Bryan Lee O’Malley & DC Relaunch

Movie Nothings

Abrams gives some details out on Star Trek II.

Rumors have Tim Burton directing the next installment of ‘Pirates’?

Weinstein and Co say Rounders 2 still has a heartbeat.

Jaws on Bluray — No digital corrections.

Comic Nothings

Something New From Bryan Lee O’Malley?

DC Comics Relaunch: Batman And Robin, Dark Knight… And Batgirl! & George Pérez To Write And Draw Superman

The 25 Greatest X-Men Stories

Trailer for “Spider-Man: Edge of Time”

Music Nothings

J Mascis hits up Daytrotter

New Chili Peps will drop in August.

Stream the new Tacking Back Sunday tune. This is not as good as i wanted or expected considering the lineup.

Video of the Day

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