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Nightly Nothings: SXSW favs, Underworld & The Unwritten | Nightly Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Nightly Nothings: SXSW favs, Underworld & The Unwritten

Movie Nothings

Can you put a waffle on a hat, add some Cure music and make a trailer that would entice me to see a movie. Yes you can.

One of the SXSW movies garnering massive buzzness is Kill List.

Harold and Kumar xmas movie has a release date.

T. Hanks is back.

Another SXSW film that could be real good, Natural Selection.

Set photo from new Underworld film.

Diane Lane chats up the new Superman.

Friends with Benefits looks much better than the same movie that has ‘Bruce Willis’ kid’ in it. TImberlake’s likability quotient is much much higher than Kutcher’s, they should have put Portman in this one and it’d have been a smash.

Trailer for Vincent Gallo’s Essential Killing.

Scream 4 pictures… spoilers ahead.

If you told me that Die Antwoord and Harmony Korine made a film together, i would say, no way, that’s too much crazy in one bag. They did it anyway, and it’s fucking weird.

Comic Nothings

Check out the early work of Chris Bachalo.

Mark Waid And Paolo Rivera To Relaunch Daredevil In July.

Dark Horse launches new app.

Marvel has a new comic, its sports… sort of… tennis.

Catch some sweet St. Patty’s deal on “Green” comics tomorrow @ DC.

The Unwritten vol 3. in stores. march 23.

Music Nothings

Shocking news of the week: Ryan Adams is working on new album.

Pearl Jam begins work on new album.

Video of the Day

I’m sorry, but this dood is just beggin’ to become lion chow.

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