Nightly Nothings: World War Z, Elysium & Walking Dead Volume Zero

Movie Nothings

Soderbergh’s ‘Contagion’ character posters revealed.

‘World War Z’ hits theaters 12/21/12. And we have another look at the action on screen as well here.

Here’s a blurry look at Matt Damon on set in Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to ‘District 9′, ‘Elysium’.

Russell Crowe to Play New York Mayor in Broken City.

Hunger Games sequel already set for 2013.

I am already on board for a Rise of the Apes sequel, but after hearing Rupert’s ideas i am EVEN MORE on board if that’s possible.

Trailer for ‘The Odd Life Of Timothy Green’ looks really cool actually.

James McAvoy, Jamie Bell and Alan Cumming Starring in Adaptation of Irvine Welsh Novel ‘Filth’

Comic Nothings

Robert Kirkman Considering A Walking Dead Volume Zero Graphic Novel

Music Nothings

Stream the new Beirut.

Another new Blink-182 song.


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