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Announcing the Nerdy Nothings Hall of Fame! | Nothings | Nerdy Nothings

Announcing the Nerdy Nothings Hall of Fame!

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Here at Nerdy Nothings, we try to keep on top of the world of nerd culture, identifying the comics, movies, music, etc. that drives the industry today. But we also realize that it’s important to honor those who have come before, who’ve reached the pinnacle of nerdom. So, Nerdy Nothings is ready to embark on an extensive project to find the elite in nerd culture: the Nerdy Nothings’ Hall of Fame.

The Nerdy Nothings’ Hall of Fame will identify the most important aspects of the nerd world — the properties, people and objects that transcend nerdiness to iconic status. And the best part, it will all be chosen by you!

Here are the very simple ground rules:

Vote by identifying your favorite things in nerd culture — the choices are endless. These can be comics, writers, films, TV shows, filmmakers, properties, bands, songs, albums, comedians, games, toys — whatever you love, whatever makes you nerdy, whatever you think deserves to be recognized as a pinnacle of nerd culture. And you can nominate AS MANY THINGS as you want — from one to infinity. So don’t be afraid of nominating the obvious and don’t feel like you’re “wasting” a vote on something more obscure or esoteric — if you think it belongs or deserves more attention (more importantly: if you love it), let us know about it!

Send an e-mail to grislygunnar@gmail.com with your list of nominees. For those you are particularly passionate about, write a small blurb explaining what makes them deserving of Hall of Fame status. Once we have all the nominees, the staff of Nerdy Nothings will choose the most popular for the inaugural class. Then, look forward to future posts, tribute features and related news on these important figures.

Help build the premiere collection of nerd icons! Happy voting!

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