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Clooney v. Newman

clooney and newman

Mike Fleming from Deadline posted a semi-review of Paul and Me: Fifty-three Years of Adventures and Misadventures with My Pal Paul Newman.

I look forward to reading the book, but in his review, Fleming, pits the notorious Hollywood prankster George Clooney against Newman, who it turns out, was quite a practical joker himself.

Read the article for all the action, but this Clooney prank stands out.

[Richard Kind] was the victim of two meticulously planned Clooney pranks. When they shared an apartment, Clooney secretly began emptying the cat’s litter box. When Kind became very concerned each day about his constipated kitty, Clooney said laxatives would do the trick. Clooney left a half-empty package of Ex-Lax for Kind to see as he left for work. Clooney then filled the cat box with his own Man-Turd, leaving his horrified pal to find it and fear for the poor cat’s life.

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