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18 years too late. But good luck to the West Memphis Three out in the world that was stolen from them. I am not sure why they had to plead guilty, probably so they can’t sue the state and get money they deserve for having more than half their lives sucked into a dark hole. Here is a quick trailer for the third documentary in the ‘Paradise Lost’ series. Which if you haven’t seen, you must watch tonight.

Here is some more info on their plea: “The three entered what is known as an Alford plea, which allows a defendant to maintain innocence while simultaneously acknowledging that the state has evidence to convict…”

The more I read about this plea, the more i hate it. It disgusts me that Arkansas is trying to save face here. They need a full exoneration. But can I blame the three of them for taking the deal? No effin’ way. They’ve been in prison for 18 years. Echols said he will continue to try and prove his complete innocence.

It is also important to remember that the lives of 3 innocent children were lost back in 1993. The police should be doing everything they can to try and find the real killers, 18 years is not too late to give those kids the justice they deserved in the first place.

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