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Facetime Apple Spot

This Sam Mendes (was not directed by sam mendes, just a regular old internal apple spot) directed commercial for Apple’s new FaceTime feature will soften even the most hardened candy shell.

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  • Ibby

    While browsing the recently released iPhone4 specs this morning, suddenly something happened. What are these strange but familiar feelings? I don’t quite understand them. Raging hormones of a coming of age boy? No, that already happened and I’m 33. Am I being abducted by aliens? That doesnt happen twice in a lifetime, does it? Am I being reborn, have I finally found Jaaysus, Cant be…, I can’t be in good standings ever since I tied my bible to the end of a stick to ward off those damn kids from my lawn. That Rowly’s boy pro’ly won’t ever see straight again.

    Me wantee iPhonee

  • http://seankealey.net Noah Nickels

    It is definitely going to be sweet. Don’t forget to preorder it on June 15th.

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