Trailer Park Thursday: 21 Jump Street, We Bought A Zoo & Underworld Awakening

I only really care to see one of these films — ’We Bought A Zoo.’ But I will admit the other two have piqued my interest. Does anyone under 30 even know what ’21 Jump Street’ is? Maybe… but only because it once starred Johnny Depp. I never watched it. It never appealed to me in the slightest. I was too busy wearing out the ribbon on my VHS copy of ‘Gleaming the Cube.’ Ron Swanson in a beard is pretty funny, but in the end there is no way this is good. Hit the jump to stream all three.

tags: 21 jump street, cameron crowe, jonah hill, kate beckinsale, len wiseman, matt damon, movie trailers, scarlett johansson, underworld awakening

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